Translucent lacquer glossy

Use: It is intended for the protection and decoration of the internal and external wooden surfaces. It protects wood from moisture and the UV radiation. It is distinguished by a high lustre and highlights the natural wooden structure.It is produced in 15 nuances of exotic wood species that can be easily intermixed till desired nuance is obtained.


Composition: Alkyd resins and special transparent pigments resistant to UV radiation.


Method of application: Prior to the use, it should be stirred well but is not to be diluted. It is applied with a brush, sponge or by dipping in two or three layers on the previously prepared surfaces. The wood should be generally dry, without knots and sanded with a fine sanding paper. If there is resin on the wooden surface it should be removed by Nitro Thinner. The drying period between layers should be at last 24 hours.


Coverage: 1 lit. can cover an area of 6 - 10 m2 , in one layer.


Shelf life: 3 years


Packaging: 0.75 lit, 3 lit