Lacquer for parquet flooring

Use: A two component lacquer for parquet flooring of a high lustre isintended for the lacquering (varnishing) of parquet flooring, floor boards, mouldings, wooden stair cases and similar wooden items in the interior that are exposed to extreme conditions of use and loads. It offers a long term protection and resistance against wear, water and cleaning agents. It is easy to clean and maintain.


Composition: A Mixture of special resins.


Preparation of the lacquer for use: In a glass or plastic dish, mix 5 volumetric parts of the component A with 1 volumetric part of the component B hardener. A well mixed compound should remain still for 15 minutes prior to the use. The usable period of the compound is 24 hours.


Method of application: It is applied with a brush in three layers, on a dry sanded parquet surface, from which the dust is removed. Each coat of lacquer dries for 24 hours. After the first coat, sanding with the sand paperNo 150 and cleaning from the sanding dust is desirable.


Coverage: The contents of a set is sufficient for an area of 20 m2 , in three layers.


Packaging: 5 lit. of component A + 1 lit. of component B