Finishing nitro lacquer for wood

Use: It is used as the finishing coat in the protection system of furniture and for the internal parts of joinery (panels, chairs, cupboards, wall units, bookshelves). Its characteristic is a short drying time and a fine filling capacity of thefilm. It is diluted with Nitro thinner of up to 20% and it provides a filmof a uniform thickness, without creases and flaws.


Composition: Nitrocellulose base and alkyd resins.


Method of application: It is applied with a brush or by spraying over the sanded Ground nitro lacquer for wood, in one or two layers. It is dry against dust in 5 - 10 minutes but completely dry for 3 - 4 hours.


Coverage: 1 lit. can cover an area of 7 - 10 m2 , in one layer.


Shelf life: 3 years


Packaging: 0.75 lit., 3 lit., 20 lit.