Translucent cover

Use: It is intended for the protection and decoration of the internal and external wooden surfaces in nuances of valuable and exotic wood species.It protects wood from moisture and the UV radiation and containsfungicides and insecticides. By application on the wooden surface it formsa tin and transparent film and specially highlights its structure. It isproduced in 15 nuances of exotic wood species that can be easily intermixed till desired shades are obtained.

Composition: Alkyd resins and special transparent pigments resistant to UV radiation.

Method of application: Prior to the use, it should be stirred well but isnot to be diluted. It is applied with a brush, sponge or by dipping in two orthree layers on the previously prepared surfaces. The wood should begenerally dry, without knots and sanded with a fine sanding paper. If thereis resin on the wooden surface it should be removed by Nitro Thinner.The drying period between layers should be at last 24 hours.


Coverage: 1 lit. can cover an area of 6 - 10 m2 , in one layer.


Packaging: 0.75 lit, 3 lit