Toning paste

Use: It is used for painting and decoration of internal and external surfaces made in concrete, plaster, brick, stone, aerated cement building blocks and asbestos-cement corrugated sheets. It is produced in 10 nuances as follow: yellow, orange, ochre, red, oxide red, carmine red, green, blue, black, Havana brown and brown. All primary hues can be inter-blended and with the white paint provide desired pastel colours.


Composition: Dispersion of synthetic polymers, pigments, fillers andadditives.


Method of application: It is applied in two layers with a brush or roller on the previously prepared surfaces. For the first layer dilute with water up to 30% and for the second layer up to 10%.


Consumption and Coverage: 0.5 lit. can colour from 1 to 30 kg of the white paint and at the straight use 1 kg of toning paste can colour from 2 - 5 m2 in two layers.


Optimal temperature of application: from +15°C to +25 °C.


Storage and care: Keep in closed and original container at the temperatures from +15°C to +30°C.


Shelf life: 12 months


Packaging: 0.5 kg