Acrylic facade paint

Use: The acrylic paint for facades is a high quality acrylic coatingintended for the decoration and protection of facades surfaces. It is distinguished by a very good resistance against moisture and weather conditions. It covers fine and is easy to apply.


Composition: Acrylic binder, pigments and fillers.


Method of application: It is applied in two layers with a woollen roller, or by spraying. For the first layer the paint is diluted with waterup to 30%, while for the second layer it does not have to be diluted.Prior to the application of the paint, the fresh surfaces in plaster or concrete should be cleaned from dust and other dirtiness. If the paint is applied to the old surfaces, smooth down uneven surfaces with plaster of the same composition as the existing one.


Coverage: 1 lit. of Acrylic facade paint can cover from 2 -3 m2 in two layers.


Shelf life: 1 year


Packaging: 4 kg and 20 kg.