Enamel lacquer for wood and metal

Use: It is intended for the final coat in the protection system of woodenand metallic surfaces. It is recommended for the protection and decoration of items made of wood and metals in the exterior and interior. It is flexible atmospheric conditions and moderate industrial environment. and adheres well on different substrates. It is resistant to moisture.


Composition: High quality alkyd resins, pigments, additives and solvents.


Method of application: It is applied with a brush, roller or by spraying on previously prepared surfaces. Metal surfaces should be degreased andcleaned from rust with Antirust. Apply first the Ground paint for metal andthen Hemprolux Enamel lacquer. On all sanded down and clean woodensurfaces, apply first Impregnator. Smaller uneven surfaces should besmoothed down with Hemprol putty or Acrylic putty for wood. After thesanding, apply Ground paint for wood and then Hemprolux enamellacquer. The drying period between layers should be at least last 24 hours.It is diluted with Alkyd reducer.


Coverage: 1 lit. can cover an area of 6 - 10 m2 , in one layer.


Shelf life: 3 years


Packaging: 0.25 lit., 0.75 lit., 3 lit., 20 kg